Looking For The Best Burners For Women?

 Best Fat Burners For Women in 2018

Hey lady, are you one of those obese women suffering from social embarrassment because of your overweight? Are you looking for the best fat burners for women that work in 2017? Are you desperately rummaging through the internet to know which fat burners for women rank above others among those available on the market?

phen375 --fat burners for womenNowadays when there is a virtual information explosion, it is increasingly becoming an arduous task to find out the diet pills that work, or for the best fat burners for women that are safe as well as effective.

The internet obviously abounds with information about the latest and the best weight loss supplements, both for men and women, but unfortunately, there are only a chosen few that can deliver actual results. So, if you are one of those countless women interested in losing the ugly unwanted flab from your body by using a fat burner that is at once safe and useful, and also doesn’t cost you a fortune, you have landed on the right spot: a place  where you can find plenty of information about fat burners for women.

Here in this website we have reviewed the latest diet pills for women and gathered the most useful information from the industry insiders, medical and fitness experts, as well as from the actual users of the diet supplements available on the market.


And we have done this particularly for you, so that you don’t have to run from pillar to post for a fat burner that works. After doing a thorough research, we have selected the five best fat burners for women that are safe and also deliver great results. This means you won’t have to be a victim of a weight loss scam and waste money in your effort to lose a few pounds to get into shape. Yeah, let me tell you, beware of those fake weight loss pills and fat burners for women that might look very attractive outwardly but dangerous enough to ruin your health and bank balance.

After a thorough research, and doing all the hard work for you, we have arrived at the conclusion that the best five fat burners for women available on the market today are:

#1. Phen375

#2. Garcinia Cambogia Extra

#3. Capsiplex Sport

#4. Phen Q

 #5. Adiphene


But watch the Phen375 video first before you start reading about it.



What is Phen375? And what is so special about it that we have to rank it first among so many diet pills that look equally attractive and useful?

  • Phen375 is a pharmacy grade fat burner that has for the last few years created quite a sensation in the weight loss market all over the world.
  • One of those rare fat burners made of high-quality natural ingredients, clinically tested and proven to burn fat quickly and safely.
  • Works best both for men and women.
  • One of the most powerful fat burners and yet reasonably priced
  • People using it have reported weight loss up to 20 lbs per month

What is inside Phen375?

  • This wonder fat burner contains : L-Carnitine—a nutritional supplement that acts as an antioxidant which boosts energy, protects the human heart and induces the body to melt away fat so that you may remain healthy and slim.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone :This component, popularly known as DHEA, is a hormone produced by our body that works to slow down the process of fat formation via food filled with carbohydrates.
  • Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride 1- 3— is a natural stimulant that increases metabolic rate so that the body is able to get rid of fat more quickly.
  • Capsaicin 1. 12—is a natural component found in chili peppers thathelpsthe body to melt away unhealthy calories by enhancing the body heat.
  • Sympathomimetic Amine—is also a natural stimulant that persuades the fat to pass through the gastrointestinal tract at a faster rate so that the body does not accumulate unnecessary fat that increases weight.

Phen375 benefits

  • Phen375 is a 100% synthetic fat burner that enhances the body’s metabolic activities and helps a person to lose 3-5 lbs each week.
  • It is tested and proven to be safe for weight loss and human consumption and is manufactured in an FDA –regulated laboratory in California.
  • Safe and effective, this fat burner is not a useless scam product promoted by massive media hype. It is indeed one of those potent weight loss supplements that actually work and there is no way one can doubt its efficacy.
  • Last but not least, it offers an exclusive 45-day money back guarantee, which is an obvious proof of the confidence of the manufacturers in their product.


There are many fat burners and appetite suppressants available on the market today. Phen375 is definitely one of the most powerful ones. The ingredients of this fat burner are powerful and effective. Our conclusion is that there is every possibility that any person who uses this fat-burning supplement will lose a significant amount of weight after a month or so.

#2. GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRA               Rating: 8.5/10       READ DETAILED REVIEW

You must have heard of Garcinia Cambogia before, haven’t you? Well, if you haven’t, you should know that it is popularly known as the “holy grail” of weight loss. And the diet pill we are going to discuss right now is Garcinia Cambogia Extra—and why not? This is a powerful fat burner that has been boosted with double weight loss action because it is endowed with one of the fastest natural fat burners along with Garcinia Cambogia. Yeah, I am talking about Raspberry Ketone, which itself is a key fat loss supplement.

Advanced Health LTD

What is Garcinia Cambogia?


  • garcinia fruit---fat burners for womenGarcinia Cambogia is a yellowish small pumpkin-shaped fruit which is abundantly found in Indonesia and India and it contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a natural ingredient that acts as a powerful appetite suppressant as well as a fat burner.
  • This is widely viewed as one of the latest weight loss breakthroughs because this supplement helps you lose weight rapidly, safely, effectively and naturally— without any harmful side-effects.
  • This powerful natural weight loss weapon will help you lose weight by blocking carbohydrates from fat conversion, enhancing your serotonin level, and at the same time diminishing your craving for food.
  • This “holy grail of weight loss” as endearingly referred to by Dr Oz, the famous American TV host, also has many other health benefits associated with it.
  • Currently, it is one of the fastest-selling fat burners available on the market today. Extensive research has shown that it can give you 3 or 4 times more fat loss and you will not have to change your daily exercise regimen or food habits for that.

What is inside Garcinia Cambogia Extra?

garcinia extra --fat burners for women


Garcinia Cambogia Extra is really an incredible fat burning pill. For one thing, diet pill contains 10,000 mg of pure Garcinia Cambogia extract,  along with 200 mg of pure Raspberry Ketone and lastly, 60% HCA. The first two powerful ingredients combine together and create a synergistic effect: the new combination becomes a potent weight loss supplement that makes you lose weight naturally and quickly.

Garcinia cambogia Extra Benefits

  •  Sheds weight naturally and rapidly
  • Pure Raspberry Ketone mixed to boost its fat loss power
  • Doctor Trusted Certificate issued in favor of this supplement
  • Prevents fat production naturally
  • works as an appetite suppressant
  • Proven fat burner that helps you shed those ugly pounds
  • No diet or exercise necessary though daily exercise may help
  • No binders, fillers or additives added to the product
  • Vegetarian capsule –which everyone can consume
  • 60 days money back guarantee for you


Garcinia Cambogia Extra has several good points going for it. It is essentially very simple: its two main ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone, both of which are already quite famous in their own rights.

This company manufacturing this fat burner has a good reputation in the market and they have a strong financial backing and hence they are unlikely to rip you off.

In addition, the guarantee seems rather impressive. It seems that you really can try risk-free and if you are not satisfied, you can simply return both the used and unused bottles and ask for a full refund. And you have 60 days to make up your mind –-which means you could use this supplement for over a month and still get a refund.


#3. CAPSIPLEX SPORT                 Rating: 8/10               READ REVIEW

What Is Capsiplex Sport?

Capsiplex Sport is a fast-acting fat burner that has a mixture of ingredients specially formulated by Bauer Nutrition as a metabolic booster that will enhance the fat burning power of active and athletic adults and at the same time increase their workout performance.

This special supplement contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that target the systems that regulate metabolic functions, and also enhance energy level and mental alertness. Adding this safe and tested supplement to a healthy lifestyle will enhance the performance level of all athletics as well as increase their fat-burning ability.

Capsiplex Sport pill delivers a whole lot of health benefits and surely it is one fat burner which all athletes and bodybuilders would like to have.

How does Capsiplex Sport Work?

The secret to the success of Capsiplex Sport lies in its primary ingredient —Capsicum extract. Each powerful dose of this ingredient targets the lipolytic functions of the body, which boosts metabolism naturally. This metabolic enhancement increases the body’s ability to burn fat as well as boost energy levels that prompt a person to spend more time in harder workouts. One capsule consumed 1/2 hour before a workout will increase energy and burn extra calories regardless of whether you exercise occasionally or on a daily basis.

What is inside Capsiplex Sport?

  • Capsicum Extract

This all-natural ingredient, which is taken from the red chili plant, is the most powerful ingredient in this mixture.

  • L-Arginine

One of the essential amino acids of the body, this ingredient helps in the absorption of oxygen and other vital nutrients into the bloodstream so that you get a huge energy boost.

  • Niacin

Otherwise known as B3, this ingredient helps in improving good cholesterol levels and improves your overall heart condition.

  • Black Pepper Extract

This spice contains Piperine which is responsible for the blocking of the formation of new fat cells, and it also has numerous other health benefits.

  • Vitamin A

This vitamin is essential for the building and repairing of cells within the body and helps in muscle recovery.

  • Vitamin C

This water soluble vitamin aids the growth of new cell structures and increases muscle mass while supporting the body’s immune system.

  • Capsaicinoid Oleoresin

This derivative from the red pepper plant helps reduce appetite as well as works as an active metabolic booster.

  • Caffeine

This natural ingredient is commonly used as an energy booster and helps increase mental focus and clarity of thought.

Capsiplex Sport Benefits

  • One of the biggest advantages of Capsiplex Sport is that it will burn off extra calories, which is almost equal to 45 minutes of rigorous exercise like bicycling, running or swimming, without having to adjust your current workout schedule.
  • The one-pill formula of Capsiplex Sport will enhance the performance result of all types of athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Only one small pill is necessary to achieve the benefits of this supplement, as it begins burning calories immediately upon digestion.
  • Staying focused on your physical goals becomes easier when you take this powerful supplement because it also increases the mental clarity of the user.
  • All the ingredients found in this supplement are natural and will not interact with any other medication or vitamins which the athlete presently consumes.


Capsiplex Sport is an all-natural fat burner created from a mixture of ingredients that boost the metabolism and energy level, and also increases the focus and performance of the user during any strong physical activity.

This proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients works harmoniously with each other and enhances the normal functions of the body’s muscle building and repairing systems.

Capsiplex Sport is indeed perfectly safe for daily consumption and meant for those athletic types of people looking for a boost in the energy level and performance before a workout and at the same time eager to lose weight.


#4. PHENQ            Rating: 8.5/10     READ REVIEW


PhenQ is a unique weight loss pill recently introduced in the market and it helps the consumer to gain the body of his dream, making the fat-burning process faster and highly effective. Manufactured by the reputed Bauer Group, this product was developed by a team of weight loss and nutritional professionals and produced under FDA and GMP approved conditions. This ensures that anybody using this fat burner gets a product that is not only of the highest standard but also tested properly in terms of safety and performance.

As the weight loss formula works on multiple platforms, several aspects of weight loss are targeted, including fat burning, appetite suppression, and energy enhancement. Targeting numerous areas in one formula signifies that a consumer doesn’t need to buy various kinds of supplements to make his or her weight loss endeavor a success. In other words, consuming this supplement makes the weight loss process more convenient, powerful and affordable.

What is inside PhenQ?

It is now possible to get the best of both the worlds which means you can eat and still stay slim. You may ask: how is this possible? The answer is simple. The following ingredients will help you get the figure  you always dream of:

  • Caffeine
  • Capsimax Powder
  • Nopal
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • a-Lacys Reset

 PhenQ Benefits

  • PhenQ targets several areas of fat loss in one formula
  • There is a full 60-day money back guarantee
  • The formula was developed by a team of weight loss, fitness and diet experts
  • The formula contains clinically tested natural ingredients
  • There are a number of positive customer testimonials
  • Free shipping and product discounts are available
  • PhenQ is manufactured by the Bauer Group, a very well-known and established manufacturer
  • Results of using PhenQ are fast and it produces little or no harmful side effects


PhenQ is one of the most advanced weight loss formulas currently available. When used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it results in fast and effective weight loss. Because so many weight loss products just focus on only one aspect of weight loss, consumers often end up frustrated as they are compelled to purchase numerous other brands as well. By providing so many benefits in one product, consumers are more likely to stick to their weight loss efforts and not get sidelined by food cravings, low moods, and decreased energy levels. The fact that PhenQ is made by a trusted and well-known company is also another reason why this product is highly recommended by experts as a surefire way to obtain a slim and toned body within a short time.


#5.ADIPHENE            Rating: 8/10                                  READ REVIEW

Adiphene is one of the latest fat burners on the market that provides you with an all-natural formula. The product contains 12 fat fighting agents which are scientifically proven to work. Those who use the supplement regularly following the directions given in the product brochure are bound to experience quick weight loss, claims the manufacturers, since it is, according to them, “the most powerful fat loss formula available.”

Adiphene’s weight loss formula gives you at least five times more fat burning power than well-known brands, which makes it a favorite of many pill users when it comes to weight loss. The product has five different mechanisms of action to make sure that your body reacts well and successfully when it is administered and as the ingredients are all natural, you won’t have to worry about its harmful side-effects.

What is inside Adiphene?

Before choosing any diet pill, one of the most important considerations is the ingredients in the product. After all, you certainly will refuse to consume a weight loss pill that contains chemicals, fillers, and low-quality chemicals, just as most other supplements do.

When it comes to Adiphene and its weight loss capability, you should expect nothing less than the best. The product contains the following all-natural ingredients to generate adequate weight loss.

  • Bitter orange
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Guarana extract
  • Ginseng Panax root
  • Cocoa extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Cayenne capsicum
  • Chitosan extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • L-carnitine
  • Ginger root extract

Main Benefits of Adiphene

Adiphene is a powerful fat buster, and its 12 active ingredients help you get rid of all your stubborn fat in 5 different ways:

  • Enhances metabolism and reduces appetite
  • Reduces carb and fat absorption
  • Starts thermogenic process to aid weight loss
  • Stimulates fat burning and at the same time boosts energy
  • No known harmful side effects


All in all, if you are looking for an effective, high-quality, natural diet pill,  Adiphene is obviously one of your best options. It provides you with several weight loss mechanisms of action so that your body can react well and quickly lose weight. Besides, when compared to other products available on the market, Adiphene is clearly a winner because of its powerful action.

Adiphene displays a lot of potential to become one of the top-selling fat burners out there as it works in several ways to help you lose weight naturally and successfully. So, irrespective of how much fat you have accumulated, it really makes it hard for you not to lose weight, because this fat-burning supplement has what it takes to become a successful fat burner.


What are fat burners and why should women have them?

Fat Burners, also known as thermogenics, are designed to create a process called lipolysis, which is basically the breaking down of body fat that can be used as a source of energy in the body.

While TV advertisements would have you believe that fat can be torn off your muscles, leaving a lean and thin body in the process, a better way of doing away with excess fat is to burn off the excess energy and lose weight. We all know that a train burns coal to move forward, and the human body can be likened to a train where our fat is the coal, or energy waiting to be burned.

Apart from lipolysis, thermogenics also give a fillip to our central nervous system, which is why it causes a feeling of mental alertness in some, and unease and discomfort in a few others. The same ingredients that affect our central nervous system also help speed up our metabolism, which again plays a major role in burning fat.

While various companies have variations in their ingredient list, or in their proprietary blends, most fat burners, or thermogenics, commonly available on the market today, more or less contain the same ingredients.

How do fat burners work?

Fat burners work in numerous ways. First, they enhance your metabolism. In case you haven’t heard the word “metabolism” before and not sure what it actually means, let’s try to explain the term.

Metabolism describes the various chemical reactions that go on inside the body in maintaining the life of an organism. It is divided into two broad categories: catabolism, which is the breaking down molecules into energy, and anabolism, which is the building up of all compounds to be used by cells.

In the case of fat burning, metabolism refers to the breaking down of the fat molecules into energy. Fat is a highly concentrated source of energy and is capable of producing up to double the amount of energy as carbohydrates or protein.  By boosting up the metabolic process, you can burn off more calories all day long.

Fat burners can also suppress your appetite, resulting in eating less during the day. This is particularly helpful for those of us that have continuous food cravings all day long, which lead us to go for unhealthy snacks all the time. Most people, who suffer from excess fat, are also victims of over-eating. By controlling this aspect of a man’s daily diet, one can make a huge impact on his or her weight loss.

The combination of these two fat-burning aspects puts the body into a fast track of weight loss, and what you get in return is something very useful—energy.  When your body burns off more fat, you will notice your body has tightened up for more physical action, and you will have less craving and more energy.

What are the top ingredients in a good fat burner?

For the most part, you will find that a huge number of companies use very similar ingredient profiles in their fat burning supplements. However, when it comes to fat burners specifically meant for women, there are few ingredients that users should look for in these fat-burning pills.

The most proven and effective ingredients also happen to be the safest and also the most natural. You must note that Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and also Caffeine, are quite useful in increasing metabolism in women. Garcinia is a tropical fruit that inhibits fat-producing enzymes, which allow you to consume fatty foods without much concern. Finally, there is another supplement, Raspberry Ketone, which has also been helpful at breaking down fat molecules and turning them into energy.

Again, it should be made clear that these ingredients, while being successful in helping you to burn fat and lose calories, are only part of the solution. A healthy and moderate diet, coupled with daily exercise and other forms of physical activity, and maintaining a stress-free lifestyle, will make almost any fat burner useful and effective.

What to avoid in a fat burner supplement?

Many companies, however, are still using a “pharmaceutical” approach to fat burning, which is not only unnatural but also downright dangerous. We have seen many women falling a prey to false and fake advertisements and suffered a great deal, resulting in insomnia, frequent mood swings, high blood pressure, fainting and drowsiness, and a lot more.

As someone who is deeply passionate about health and well-being, while recommending weight loss supplements, we would like you to be quite well-informed about the use of fat burners and other weight loss pills, before trying them out. After all, the final responsibility rests with you, so it is always better if you do some research and consult your doctor before choosing a fat burner that you feel is good enough for you.

You should always be on the look-out for ingredients that can cause these horrifying side effects. Ephedra, for example, which is a stimulant that affects the heart and central nervous system, is very dangerous and is currently banned in the America.

DMAE, or Dimethylaminoethanol – has been shown to cause immense headaches, insomnia, and sharp muscle aches. Like, how could you expect such drugs to help you lose weight and make you healthy when the side-effects are so harmful?

DMAA, or 1, 3 dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine – is also no longer available in  USA. It has been reported that it narrows arteries and leads to cardiac arrests!

Synephrine, otherwise known as Bitter-Orange Extract is another ingredient you should be cautious of. While it is considered safe in small doses, many companies put it as their number primary ingredient. A safe amount to consume is no more than 30-50mg a day. An overdose of any of these ingredients have extremely nasty side effects on the health of a woman, and will no doubt lead to serious complications if it is not stopped immediately.  It is also generally agreed upon that if you suffer from heart disease, liver or chronic kidney problems, pancreatitis and cancer, you should not take fat burners at all, and instead choose an all-natural approach to fat loss in the form of natural supplements, regular exercise, and a healthy diet.

Which fat burner is good for me then?

When you are confronted with a wide range of choice, it becomes rather overwhelming at times, especially when you find that all the weight loss supplements scream at the same time that they are the best supplements in the market today.

This is where our extensive knowledge and wide research about fat burners and other supplements come into play. While all the fat burners we have selected for you actually are good enough for weight loss, each one has its pros and cons, and hence should be chosen according to your requirements.

If you want a fat burner which already has a proven track record, safe and chosen by a great number of people all over the world, you should settle for Phen375. If you think that you need the dual natural power of Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone together, you may purchase Garcinia Cambogia Extra, which is also quite powerful. And, last but not least,  you may again think of choosing Capsiplex Sport because losing weight with Chili along with an active physical life has become some sort of a fad, of late, especially in the UK. PhenQ is also another up-and-coming fat burner which is gaining popularity fast and is considered safe and effective. Last but not least, Adiphene is a powerful weapon for weight loss since it combines several fat-burning methods to form a synergistic effect.

Our final recommendation

While all the five fat burners chosen for you are powerful fat burners that can help you lose weight smoothly, safely and naturally, we suggest that Phen375 may be your ideal choice. Yeah, if you are really looking for the best fat burner for women, your search should stop here.

For one thing, it works very fast for women, and the diet supplement has a lot of satisfied customers worldwide. Secondly, it is one special supplement that is backed by a very powerful set of ingredients, making it a complete fat burning pill in every way. Thirdly, its ingredients are absolutely safe and effective in terms of losing weight through appetite suppression and fat burning. Fourthly, there are some people who are allergic to caffeine and they may also find it a better choice since this product is absolutely devoid of caffeine.

Finally, you should keep in mind that no matter whichever fat burners for women you choose for your weight loss, you must always buy it from the official website since there are scammers all over the internet who would be filled with malicious glee if they are able to dupe you with a spurious version of a fat burner for women.


Go and get the best fat burners for women by clicking the links provided above and lose weight safely and naturally without having to worry about those ugly side-effects. Best of luck on your weight loss journey!