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Hi, this is the About us page of this blog. I am Sharon White, the webmaster, and I am a freelancer, writer and blogger, and I write extensively on beauty and other important health issues, especially for the women. You can call me a digital nomad because I like traveling around the world and I enjoy my location-independent status!


I would take this opportunity to to inform our readers that the http://fatburnersforwomen.org is an independent wordpress website that reviews the best fat burners and other diet pills available on the market today.
I, along with the other members of the staff, with my  have worked very hard to gather all the right information about the latest fat burners for women, researched about them, weighed their pros and cons, compared them with one another to come up with the best fat burners for you so that you may benefit from them.


Weight loss is a much-talked-about subject and there is no dearth of information about it in the internet. However, finding the right path to weight loss success is not always easy. False and misleading information can destroy your efforts to lose weight  and erode your confidence for good.


So, we have collected the most useful information about the best fat burners for women and reviewed them so that you can make your weight loss program a whopping success! Here in this site, after a lot of careful consideration, weighing the pros and cons, we have recommended Phen-375 as the best fat burner for women presently available on the market today.  This is also the fat burner I personally used to lose weight and get back into shape.

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