Capsiplex Sport Review: Pre-Workout Fat Burner for Men And Women

Capsiplex Sport ReviewDo you want to make the most of your daily workout? If you are one of those fitness fiends, yet want to lose those extra pounds, why not try taking pre-workout fat burners like Capsiplex Sport? Read this detailed Capsiplex Sport review to know more about this fat burner which is primarily meant for the fitness buffs.

Fitness experts nowadays maintain that pre-workout nutrition is extremely important and can substantially contribute to achieving your long-term fitness goals.

Of late, these diet supplements like Capsiplex Sport have become increasingly popular with bodybuilders, gymnasts and fitness lovers. For one thing, they not only increase endurance and strength during exercises but also help grow muscles and burn fat.

What is Capsiplex Sport?

The name Capsiplex is not new to the health and weight loss and sports community. Before it entered the fitness and sports market, the company marketing it has already established itself in the weight loss market as the manufacturer of Capsiplex, a well-known, natural fat-burning pill. This supplement is developed by Advanced Health, a reputed company based in Glasgow, Scotland.

It has been selling weight loss supplements for the last 12 years. And you will do well to note that Advanced Health has also one those few companies that have used celebrity endorsements to popularise their products. Obviously, with the success of its diet pills, it is little wonder that Advanced Health has also started tapping the sports and fitness market with its latest fat burner.

Is there actually a difference between the two supplements–Capsiplex and its Sport version? Well, the answer is: both supplements use almost the same ingredients and tend to produce identical results.

But, according to some product reviews and testimonials, and considering the opinions of fitness experts, the Sport version is a definite improvement on the older weight loss pill, as it not only burns fat but also helps increase sports and workout performance.

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What are the ingredients of this fat burner?

Capsiplex Sport ReviewThe beauty of this weight loss supplement is that it is made from natural substances that are safe and proven and so you need not have to worry about its adverse side-effects. These substances are easily absorbed by the body. Some of these natural substances include:

Capsaicin, which is obtained from red hot chilli, is a thermogenic chemical that helps to boost your body temperature which, at the same time, switches on your body’s fat burning mechanisms.

That is known as lipolysis, the process of breaking down fats. Advanced Health is quite confident about Capsiplex Sport’s fat-burning capabilities because it has already tested a fair bit of success with its original fat-burning pill, Capsiplex, which became hugely popular in the UK, after it was introduced.

This is the reason why they claim that Capsiplex Sport is capable of burning 278 calories instantly. Besides, capsicum contains potassium and magnesium, two ingredients that enhance mental concentration and also keep your heart healthy.

Vitamin B3 (niacin) helps boost energy and increases toughness and endurance. It breaks down carbohydrates, proteins and fats and combats physical and mental fatigue.

L-Arginine is an amino acid which replenishes nitric oxide in the body, and, as we all know, nitric oxide increases blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscles and other body parts. While the body naturally produces L-Arginine, it is easily spent when people take part in intense physical activities.  Scientific studies have shown that taking L-Arginine supplements sharply increase peak power performance and muscle endurance.

Piperine, extracted from black pepper, is responsible for its pungency or “hotness.” It is also known to give a fillip to metabolism, which, in turn, aids weight loss.

Caffeine is an important component of this fat burner supplement it boosts energy, burns fat and increases cognitive function. Two American scientists have found out that small doses of caffeine had a positive impact on the endurance level of athletes. Larger amounts had no little or no effect on physical performance and only led to a higher degree of adrenaline rush. This is why the amount of caffeine in Capsiplex Sport is kept so low – almost equal to that of a large cup of coffee.

What are the benefits of Capsiplex Sport?

Easy-to-use fat burner: This fat burner is quite simple and user-friendly. One capsule, with water, 30 minutes before a workout, is enough for it to make an impact. Whether you exercise only once a week or regularly sweat it out every day – you can have this diet pill and reap the benefits of a rigorous workout. It is also fit for all ages, no matter whether you are young or old.

Safe: It is safe not only because of its natural ingredients, but also because of how the capsule is designed. This fat burner makes use of a beadlet design to ensure that no one suffers from gastric irritation and discomfort. Truth be told, not all of us can stand red chilli. The Capsimax Beadlet locks the capsicum extract under a protective cover and makes sure that the capsule reaches the intestine without being released in the stomach.

Great fat-burning ability: As mentioned earlier, Capsiplex Sport fat burner contains highly powerful substances such as capsaicin that heats up the body and burns unwanted fat during a gym session.

Huge energy-booster: most users experience “a positive feeling” when taking this weight loss supplement. It increases energy and helps you to avoid muscular wear and tear.

Mentally and physically stimulating: because of caffeine, users who take this supplement not only feel more cheerful and energised but also more focused on what they are doing. Apart from mental stimulation, it also improves oxygen and nutrient delivery in the body, and therefore, ensures that you perform to the maximum level in the physical activity you are taking part in.

What do the studies say?

A study conducted by the University of Oklahoma tested two groups – one who consumed Capsiplex fat burner and the other who took a placebo instead of the actual diet pill (without of course knowing it) just before a workout.

A study conducted by the University of Oklahoma clearly showed that Capsiplex helped the volunteers, who took part in the study, burn “an average of 278 more calories before, during and after exercising on a treadmill for one hour.” Hence, we can see that the product’s claim of burning an extra 278 calories is not really a part of a fake ad campaign, but a solid statement backed up by scientific study.

Are there negative side-effects?

Most Capsiplex Sport reviews focus on the benefits of this natural diet pill. Both the product description and the reviews available online almost entirely agree that this fat burner hardly any ugly side-effect, which include those that are normally experienced when consuming caffeine like shaking or sweating, or as it happens with red chili (irritation and discomfort) Nonetheless, it is better to confess that a small percentage of users have actually reported experiencing hot flashes.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to take this diet supplement and can do so only after talking to a medical expert first. People who have serious medical conditions and allergies to certain types of food should consult their physicians.

This fat burner is perhaps not suitable for vegans or vegetarians because its capsules are made out of an animal product called gelatin, so they should use their discretion about it.

In terms of dosage, users should only take one pill per day, and taking two or more pills might pose health hazards and cause sleeplessness.

Where to buy this product online and what are the costs?

You can buy the Capsiplex Sport from their official website if you feel that this Capsiplex Sport review is right for you and the product is meant for you. They also offer solid discounts if you buy in bulk. You can also buy the product over the telephone. Orders can be put forward through their customer services department which is open 24/7.

Final Verdict

Capsiplex Sport is simply a multitasking weight loss supplement that will help you to burn fat, energise your body, enhance your physical performance, while supporting lean muscle development and faster recovery. So, if are a fitness fanatic, who is looking for enhanced physical performance and at the same time want to shed some extra pounds to remain fighting fit, Capsiplex Sport may be your ideal choice. After having gone through this  detailed Capsiplex Sport review, we are pretty sure that you would be able to make up your mind whether this fat burner is really suitable for you.

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