Clinicallix Reviews –Can You Lose 10 pounds in 10 days?

phen375 fat burnerDo you want to try Clinicallix to reduce your weight? Are you aware of the pros and cons of the above diet pill? If the answer is no, then you should know that Clinicallix consists of three “clinically proven” compounds and cutting-edge weight loss technology which, according to the manufacturers, can produce significant weight loss at a rapid pace.This is one of the costliest diet supplements available and it promises that you will lose ten pounds in ten days!Our unbiased Clinicallix reviews examine carefully whether such weight loss is at all possible and if this diet pill can be recommended to the serious weight loss seekers.

What is Clinicallix

Clinicallix contains six botanical ingredients, commonly found in weight loss supplements. In addition, it contains glucomannan, a form of dietary fiber. The product is advertised as safe and effective, without the presence of stimulant ingredients. In reality, Clinicallix does contain several botanical ingredients that contain high levels of caffeine!

Side-effects of Clinicallix

Several of the ingredients found in Clincallix can interact negatively with both over-the- counter and prescription medications. The large amount of fiber provided by this supplement can rob your body of precious nutrients because it may push them out of the digestive system without getting digested.

Damiana, one of the active ingredients in this product, may have psychoactive side effects and can cause drowsiness in large quantities. This is a reaction that can really prove dangerous if you are driving or operating machinery.

Does Clinicallix Really Work?

The manufacturer of Clincallix has made some interesting claims about its effectiveness as a weight loss product. Three research studies are cited to support these claims, but all of them contain flawed assumptions about the product.

Rather than a single study directly comparing a placebo to Clincallix, the studies showed  separate studies on each of the three compounds in the product. Despite the supposed positive  results, they cannot be logically or scientifically applied to Clincallix itself.

The extraordinary thing about Clincallix is that it is truly expensive for a combination of ingredients that cost so much without having a proven track record at all.

If you look closely at the manufacturer’s citations, you might be interested in the fact that one of the studies is more than twenty years old! Besides, the other studies were not done in the US, meaning that they did not have to comply with US regulations for research.

All in all, if you are looking for a product that is safe and effective for weight loss, and also worth the money, Clincallix should not be your first choice. I am sure this clinicallix reviews will give a fair bit of an idea about this fat burner and you definitely should now look for a better alternative!

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With a completely risk free, money back guarantee combined with the ability to reduce huge amount of calories per day, lower food cravings and reduce excess body weight, Phen375 is indeed the diet pill that we recommend to you. Try Phen375 for a few days and you will soon see the difference it makes to your body. why should you bother about fat burners that are risky and may not yield the results you are desiring.

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