Avesil Review: Does Avesil Diet Pill Work?

avesilThe manufacturers of Avesil  fat burner pills claim that you will be able to have fast and safe weight loss using this product, even if you don’t indulge in any kind of physical activity. Thanks to the 280 plus published studies, the manufacturers have  tried their best to establish the effectiveness of the ingredients. And Avesil does promise a rosy picture about your weight loss. But does Avesil Work? Doesn’t  it sound too good to be true? Our Avesil review will try to find an answer to all these questions.

What is Avesil ?

The primary active ingredients in Avesil comprise Citrimax (AKA garcinia cambogia), green tea extract, chromium and caffeine. This combination is designed to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism and burn fat rapidly.

The caffeine in Avesil does have a stimulating effect but none of the other ingredients in this product work as stimulants.

Detailed analysis of the ingredients of Avesil

Let us first put the ingredients of Avesil under the scanner to see if they are likely to bring positive weight loss results:

From the website we have obtained the following information. Each tablet is made up of 100mcg Chromium, and then a proprietary blend of decaffeinated green tea and Ashwagandha extract (475mg) and Caffeine USP (75mg) has been added to boost the weight loss capability of the diet pill.

This obviously looks rather dubious.

Lets us see what each ingredient can do Chromium (100mcg): – We have seen  this so many times in diet pills that  the makers have stuck  to some long since discredited claims that Chromium can help reduce weight. But the National Institute of Health (http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Chromium-HealthProfessional/), categorically states that chromium does not play a positive role in bringing about weight reduction.Do we need to make further comments on this?

 Decaffeinated Green Tea: – Many studies have shown the benefits of green tea for weight loss but in most cases it’s normally the caffeinated variety that gives the best result. So, it is quite difficult to ascertain whether this variety can diminish weight when there are little evidence that it does.

Ashwagandha Extract: – Better known as Indian Ginseng, this shrub,  used as traditional Ayurvedic medicine, normally  counteracts stress and anxiety and also increases libido. We could find no clinical trials or other evidence to arrive at the conclusion that it induces weight loss.

Caffeine USP: The powdered form of caffeine has plenty of research to back up its effectiveness for weight loss. But the question remains –is caffeine enough to bring about the desired amount of weight reduction.

Avesil Side-effects

Despite the fact that there is a single source of caffeine in this product, the manufacturers advise that individuals who have diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or any form of dementia, must stay away from this weight loss supplement.

As with many other weight loss products, Avesil contains caffeine which can bring about ugly side-effects in some individuals and should be avoided by those who are sensitive to such stimulants or suffer from gastric irritation.

 What is the final verdict?

It’s hard to really to tell when a proprietary blend is used in a product. There is no real indication of what exactly you are consuming, so it’s not possible to say one way or the other whether Avesil will be effective for weight loss. Apparently, you are more than likely to get the same effect by having a cup of coffee twice a day!

Any Avesil Reviews from Customers?

Yes, there are so many negative feed-backs doing rounds in the weight loss forums about this diet supplement and hence one should be very careful about choosing this product for weight reduction.

Should You Buy Avesil?

The manufacturers of Avesil make broad generalizations regarding the effectiveness of this diet pill. In fact, although they refer to some few hundred studies, they fail to provide any solid evidence about its power to reduce weight.

Avesil’s makers apparently do not have confidence in their product because they also suggest that you make significant changes in both your diet and exercise daily to reduce weight.

Costing over $100 for a month’s supply, this is surely one of the more expensive dietary supplements available online, and there is hardly any guarantee that this is going to work! Obviously, there are much better diet pills on the market that offer a lot more at a much less price.

Our recommended diet pill

Phen75 fat burner for women

phen375 fat burnerPhen375 is a powerful diet pill that has been clinically proven to bind the fat,  suppress your appetite, lower cholesterol levels and decrease food cravings at the same time.

With a wealth of real customer testimonials, medical endorsements and an impressive money-back guarantee, Phen375 is indeed the weight loss pill you should go after for your weight loss.


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Phen375–Best Fat Burner Pill For Women

phen11Weight loss is fast becoming an obsession for countless people around the world. As our waistlines expand, we become prone to a host of diseases that can take years and a massive amount of dollars before they could be cured.

There are countless supplements and fat burner pills to help us shed those ugly pounds and get back into shape as quickly as possible. One popular weight loss product available in the current market is Phen375, which is regarded as the best fat burner pill for women available on the market today.

What is Phen375?

Phen375 is a weight loss supplement with a unique formula that helps the body burn fat faster and also equipped with the power to suppress appetite to lower the risk of overeating and impulse eating. In other words, Phen375 makes the experience of dieting less painful, especially for people with huge appetites. Unlike other diet pills, it uses a unique fat burning formula to help the body get rid of fat without needing to compensate with long hours of exercise or, even worse, very rigorous diets.

While a healthy diet and exercise plan is essential to any weight loss program, Phen375 allows you to diet and exercise on a more moderate scale if you wish, while seeing better and brighter results. The above weight loss program also comes with a helpful diet and exercise guide which will help you achieve even more positive results.

Phen375 ingredients

Phen375 is made of a combination of cyclic AMP enzyme boosters–in more layman’s terms, which include Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, and Capsaicin, as well as Longjack Tonkatau Root and L-Carnitine. Each of these ingredients contributes to the spectacular results produced by Phen 375 users. Carnipure, for example, helps the body burn stored body fat easier and faster, while Longjack Tonkatau Root helps to arrest the possibility of muscle loss which is a common problem for weight loss seekers.

Does it really work?

Yes! Phen375 is a very powerful product when used as directed. Studies on the effectiveness of this fat loss supplement have shown that, on an average, the body will burn about 270 calories each day without any additional effort on your part. This may seem like a tiny number when taken out of context, but within a year 270 extra calories per day adds up to a whopping 25 lbs, which is extremely good. Just imagine losing 25 lbs without having to work out for hours at the local gym or dieting for days.

Obviously, this supplement will kick start your weight loss campaign by suppressing your appetite, helping you maintain more muscle mass, and encouraging your body to shed excess fat.

Phen375 Side-effects

Please note that some mild side effects may be experienced when taking Phen375 which may include jitteriness, insomnia, dizziness, and an increase in heart rate. However, these side effects are not often reported and are generally considered to be rare. This diet supplement is generally well-received by the body and only a very small number of users experience these side-effects.

Phen375 Testimonials

There are many testimonials from satisfied users found online too. The official website has written feedback from customers who used the product successfully and lost a large amount of fat. There are also some video testimonials with people talking about their wonderful experience using the product. Watching these is morale-boosting if you aren’t sure about trying Phen375 yourself because you get to hear what others think about this weight loss supplement.

Remember, this fat loss pill takes time to work just like any other similar product. It’s unrealistic to expect to lose weight very quickly, although it can give fantastic results within a few months, but you must be consistent and consume the pills religiously every day.

Our verdict

You can find more information about the product by checking out this Phen375 reviews. They cover what the product is made of, how it works, and what kind of results you can expect, when you start using it, but the only thing is that if you want to achieve positive results, you have to be consistent when you are taking Phen375—the best fat burner pill for women.

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